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PointPub Media has gone through myriad transformations over the past decades. The company was founded in 1996, just as the world wide web was really taking off, which explains why we are so skilled and experienced when it comes to digital environments. President and founder Sébastien Roy (sebastienroy.com) carefully chose collaborators to join the company, and over time it grew and evolved. Case in point: in the early 2010s, PointPub Media began to specialize in two distinct areas of expertise.

Our agency is your IT department. We are your best ally when it comes to optimizing your computing systems. PointPub Media’s tech professionals can also leverage their expertise for your organization by acting as consultants. With our extensive range of skillsets and services, we can develop software as well as create, deploy, monitor, and support technological infrastructures, no matter how complex they are. We can also take care of any aspect of your network and its security. And we provide cloud and IP telephony services.

Most of our clients are located in the Province of Quebec. Some companies in Ontario, Las Vegas and Vietnam put their trust in PointPub Media for their IT infrastructure!


PointPub Media is also a web agency offering an exhaustive range of services, from web design (including hosting, managing domain names, and emails) to overseeing your social media channels. We can even take care of copywriting and producing any kind of marketing material you require.


Sébastien has built several systems for his own home and even a few industrial facilities. PointPub Media is therefore able to provide home automation systems for private residents. We can also custom build automated security systems for any kind business, big and small.


We are a company that is proud to have been recognized time and time again by our peers. With our ever-expanding list of clients, PointPub Media works with entrepreneurs and multinational organizations that are motivated by the same passions and ambitions that drive us. We’re also an agency that has made its mark in the entertainment industry thanks to our platform we designed for the comedians, radio and TV hosts we represent.


Sébastien is someone who cares deeply about education. In this spirit, he developed online seminars about the internet, its limits, and the importance of staying safe online. These presentations were developed specifically for teenagers and he has presented them in numerous high schools throughout Quebec.


Our community is incredibly important to us. We are aware that non-profit organizations are vital parts of our society that strive to effect change. That’s why we regularly offer a discount on our hourly rate to these important associations.

When a project or a cause is dear to our heart, we do everything we can to help small businesses by supporting parts of their project. For instance, we might help them create a website, offer web hosting or any other service that can temporarily help them out.

As another example of our willingness to remain active in the community, we sponsor a dek hockey team called Cryptonite. The spelling refers to our mascot Crypto, who is prominently featured on the team’s jerseys. In fact, PointPub Media’s team designed the uniform.



The it


Sébastien has been immersed n the tech world for 25 years! And he’ll be the first to tell you that he’s evolved right alongside it. In fact, he’s so passionate about tech that we wouldn’t be surprised if he sees binary code hidden everywhere. He’s enjoyed a fulfilling professional journey so far and he cares deeply about providing his clients with the best personalized solution. So much so that he will gladly sacrifice sleep to quickly react in case of a problem that requires his attention. He loves work that is done right, done perfectly. That’s why he made sure to only surround himself with the cream of the crop in terms of talent.

The invaluable

When you first contact PointPub Media, odds are you’ll be in touch with Mel. She’s your point of contact with the team and she’ll make sure every aspect of your project is flawlessly carried out and delivered. In other words, she manages our client files and oversees the numerous tasks related to customer service. In fact, she’s the author of these words and the blog articles. Basically, she’s Sébastien’s right hand, or rather his second brain. She makes sure to remind him of anything he’s forgotten, like taking some time for himself!

The expert in research
and problem resolution


Pierre is who you want to call when no other solution has been up to par. That’s because he’s extremely skilled at analytics and diagnostics. With 30 years of experience, including in implementing ERP/CRM solutions, cybersecurity and automation integration, he’s an invaluable asset for any team! He can also provide support with Infra solutions.

The fervent artistic


Laurence is all about questions. She’ll never think twice before questioning us about established facts. She’s also always willing to listen to her clients and tries to anticipate any requests they may have. That’s because she loves helping people carry out their projects. Her talents as a graphic artist, her creativity, and her people skills make her the best person to oversee the tasks she does at PointPub Media.

The 2.0
graphic artist


Marie has an immense creative talent, and she knows how to produce high-quality visuals, no matter the pressure she faces. Simply put, she’s a perfectionist! And her skills are not only limited to graphic design. She also knows how to code which is a great help for the team!

The badass


Daniel has been coding for ages. Since 1994 in fact! He and Sébastien have been collaborators for a very, very long time. Part of the PointPub Media team for several years now, Daniel has many projects under his belt. For example, he’s behind the CRM and ERP web application code for some of the agency’s clients. He’s also skilled at programming automated machines and tools for our monitoring platform.

The versatile


A web developer for more than a decade, Bruno is the new guy at the company. He’s skilled at web languages as well as CMS solutions. He’s a genuine master of programming!

The numbers

Nathalie makes sure to organize the agency’s invoices from suppliers and clients. It goes without saying that without her skills, tax season would be a lot more daunting!

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