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Making your technology projects a success for your organization and ensuring they can keep up with your ambitions is our ultimate goal. But what exactly is an IT infrastructure? It includes several facets that work together in a coherent, efficient way to help your day-to-day activities become more productive and seamless. PointPub Media can rely on its in-depth expertise to improve your IT environment and integrate a variety of tools that will make it more robust and powerful. And we can provide you with more than just tools and equipment, we can also manage networks and software that are relevant to your organization’ structure. The cloud, home automation, IP telephony, structured cables are but a few examples of ways to quickly add value to your activities.

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Automation and industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has reduced the number of issues and challenges associated with planning in an organization. This new technology allows you to predict and avoid any unforeseen event that could disrupt your company’s productivity or cause an outage. Industry 4.0 is all about being more preventive, predictable, and quick. Industry 4.0 helps with standardization and simplifies the company’s processes. It does so by centralizing and making information available by connecting devices and software in an optimal way.

Personalized solutions available

A variety of tools and technologies are implemented and used to make industry 4.0 possible for companies. Some of these personalized solutions, which can vary in their level of complexity, include:

  • Industrial automation : the goal for industries is to increase the efficiency of processes related to security, lighting, production, supplies, and more. Industrial automation also centralizes various processes within the company, such as communications, operations, IT, and other aspects.
  • Sensors to prevent defects : with industry 4.0, machines or the IT environment will be overseen by monitoring systems that can notify you in case of a problem.
  • In-depth data analysis : this occurs every step of the production process and is based on real-time data and statistics. The goal of these analytics is to make your company more productive.
  • Cyber-physical systems : these systems allow you to have better control of the physical processes that take place in your organization. They rely on feedback to improve services and fix errors.

Efficiently manage your IT environment with outsourcing

IT outsourcing is a practical and effective way to ensure a specialized company manages your various tech environments. You decide the level of service required and how much of your computing systems need to be monitored and secured by a trusted third party. And when you rely on PointPub Media for this task, you’ll be able to benefit from personalized services from experts who have earned a solid reputation thanks to their years of experience and unmatched skills. You decide how much help you require with the following:

  • Managing, maintaining, and integrating various IT infrastructures
  • Ensuring your IT networks remain secure
  • Managing workstations
  • Carrying out updates, renewing licences
  • Implementing various IT management strategies
  • Developing websites and software
  • Programming
  • IT monitoring

Consultation, the starting point to a successful project

The PointPub Media team will take care of analyzing your situation and understanding all your IT needs and expectations. Because every organization is unique, the solutions we come up with are all tailored. We make sure they fit your vision, your goals. We’ll be able to develop technological solutions that are adapted to your specific business environment. With more than two and a half decades of experience, our team is more than eager to take on projects of any scope and complexity. Have you heard of our tech mentorship service? You’ll be able to take advantage of our professional expertise and advice for the installation of your infrastructures and gain access to training for your own IT team.

Technical assistance and support for your peace of mind!

When you call on PointPub Media for the installation of your IT infrastructure or for outsourcing parts of your IT environment, or its entirety, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you can benefit from high-quality support, no matter the time or day. That’s because our services come with a unique, adapted post-sales support. If you need to call our emergency technical support, you’ll be able to speak with a specialist and get help 24/7.

Storing and securing your data

These days, organizations need to make sure they have the right plan to store, save, and back up their data. PointPub Media can oversee your company’s IT systems with high-quality, secure services and solutions. We make sure to encrypt your data, protecting it from any unwanted intrusion or potential incident that could occur in your offices or IT infrastructures. We make it a point of pride to ensure our services are robust and efficient enough to prevent any loss of data.

Security and networks

Making sure your network is secure is an aspect of a project that takes myriad elements into account to ensure your processes are safe and protected.

  • IT monitoring is critical for a company that wants to optimally manage their infrastructures.
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  • Your network security is a priority. Any organization that wants to grow needs to develop an efficient communication system that is above all else, secure.
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  • A Virtual Private Network (VPN) has become an invaluable tool.
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  • A firewall and spam filter: Installing a firewall with our services ensures your network remains secure while taking into account its specific features.
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  • Web filtering and access management: The goal is to only allow workstations to access Web pages that are relevant to the company and its activities.
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  • Structured cabling is a process that takes shape when your offices are built or renovated.
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  • IP telephony is a new communication tool that relies on a system that can send and receive voice data through the internet.
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With our 24/7 technical support, you’ll benefit from personalized IT solutions so you can efficiently manage your IT infrastructures.